House to Home UK

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Home to Home concierge service
House to Home UK Concierge

A bespoke concierge service to assist in the moving process

  • Establish concerns
  • Set action plan
  • Downsizing decision making and arrangements
  • Sort charity / declutter items earlier
  • Arrange for items in loft to be moved
  • Arrange sale of items
  • Arrange shredding or documents
  • Arrange utility and address changes
  • Liaise with solicitor / estate agent on customers behalf
  • Floor planning
  • Support customer with purchase of new furniture / curtains
  • Provide Change of Address cards
  • Provide local information - nearest GP etc.
  • On-site presence during move
  • Implement floor plan
  • Read meters
  • Arrange cleaning service
  • Stock kitchen fridge for first night
  • Oversee crew in customers absence
  • Take keys to estate agents
  • Drive customer to new home
  • Unpacking assistance - Connect TV, hang up picture frames / mirrors
  • Prepare bed
  • Arrange further unpacking
  • Arrange box collection
  • Make arrangements for handyman service
  • Plan secondary charity collection for customers who have taken too much